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Online casino and slots guide

You have come to the online casino, and slot machine starters guide for all the information you need to play a casino game on the internet. Slots 43 has been a leader in all information about online gambling in casinos since 20010.

There may be no casino websites hosted in some countries, but the US, CA, NZ, casinos may be organized in countries where such rules do not apply or are more lenient. Think, for example, of countries such as Malta or Spain where many online casinos can be found, including different online casinos.

Because there are many online casinos where you can play all kinds of different games for real money or points, our website Slots 43 was created because there was little precise information on the internet about all sorts of topics directly related to playing at online casinos.

You can play casino games for free, but you can also play for real money by safely depositing money through PayPal, iDeal, Moneybookers, or Credit Card. An online casino is always free of obligation.

The above points show a small selection of possibilities and advantages. There are many casinos on the internet, so always check if the connections are secure or look on the internet for opinions and experiences with the casino in question. This way, you can play a blackjack game or poker with peace of mind until the late hours behind your laptop.

Many or few win lines?

When the first video slots were released (by Williams Gaming), the trend was to have 5 or 9 different pay lines in the game. Due to the relentless drive for new types of slots and the accompanying technological development, slots were later developed with many winning lines. 20, 40, or even 100 winning lines have long since ceased to be a rarity.

Also popular are the so-called “Win all ways” slots. There are no win lines, but all consecutive symbols on the reels count, from left to right. This creates many possible combinations. In a setup with five reels and three symbols per reel, we talk about 243 possible combinations. A playing field with five reels with four symbols provides 1.024 ways to win, and Raging Rhino, with its six reels with four symbols, has 4.096 ways to win.

Do all those win lines and ways to win make you dizzy, and would you rather keep it small? No problem. Online casinos have dozens of slots on offer with old slot machines with 9 or 10 pay lines and slots with only three reels.

Slot payout percentage

The theoretical payout percentage of an online slot machine indicates how much the slot machine pays back to the average player. This percentage is measured over a very long period. A payout percentage of 97.2% means that for every 100 euros wagered, and the slot pays out an average of just over 97 euros.

Online slots usually have higher payout rates than land-based casinos such as Holland Casino, Las Vegas, or Jack’s Casino. While slots in land-based casinos payout between 80% and 92%, online slots often have payout rates ranging from 96% to 99%!

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